1966 - 1972 study at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe with professors Herkenrath and Meistermann; (Kunstakademie Karlsruhe: Meistermann)

Handicraft lessons with professor Klemm;
1972 master pupils in the class Prof. Meisterman;
1972 founders of the group of "art and public" together with Hans Rogalla;
1973 - 1977 training activity at a GHS;
1979 joint founders (together with S.C.Schenkel) of the house of artists in Karlsruhe;
1983 - 1986 co-editors of the "Karlsruher of Change Sheets" (literature + screen end art);
since 1972 exhibitions.

The work process
My work process moves at the indistinct boundary between chaos and order. He develops "nonlinearly" in the real meaning. The line structures are iterative things which strive for the dissolving. There still is another level "ad infinitum". The picture composition is laid out according to the coherence principle in which there can be several coherence levels. Picture objects result for clear and picturesque concentration: An invitation for the analytical and meditative spirit. (Subject the work by 2010)

Electronic sound compositions
My picture objects are the basic material for the electronic music. By means of a computer software the composition elements of the pictures are converted into sound elements. The sound raw material is then continued to work and arranged by me with the help of the computer.

Sound visualizations are DVD videos which electronic music makes visible.

The electronic sound compositions are also the basis for the DVD videos as independent films.


All rights of the pictures shown here with Gerold Bursian + VG Bild-Kunst. Without my approval the pictures neither electronically (e.g., Internet) nor in are allowed to the print media are published. Also the wide use of the pictures needs my authorisation. | GeroldBursian |